Histon & Impington Mental Wellbeing Project

himw-logo-300x96As we start 2018 we reflect on the almost full year of the project, the recent disappointing news that Annabell Webb the village Mental Wellbeing Champion has decided to step down from the role and plans for 2018 to slightly reshape the focus of the project and learn from experiences from 2017.

Annabell has decided to leave because of her increased private client work and the broad extent of the role in its present form. Without doubt Annabell has had a positive impact on our community since her appointment in March 2017, as we reflect on the positives much of this is due to Annabell’s hard work and these include;

  • Regular drop ins at Saint Andrew’s Centre Café and village schools and those who have attended have benefited from the signposting advice provided
  • Small group sessions  at the Infant and Junior Schools for children needing support
  • Successful launch of a toolkit for village youth groups
  • Signposting and support provided for individual village residents
  • Successful Village Mental Wellbeing week in October
  • Extensive networking to increase profile of mental wellbeing in the community

The support of the project funders in helping make the project happen is much appreciated and the funders include Histon & Impington Parish Council, Histon & Impington Feast, Friends of the Rec, Poor’s Land Charity, SCDC, The Batterson-Chivers Foundation, Comic Relief through CCF and St Andrew’s Church Histon.

As we look plan for 2018 the three core project objectives continue;

  • Increase mental wellbeing awareness and break down barriers
  • Assist with early intervention and prevention
  • Provide signposting and advocate for support services

There will be two main parts of the project

  • A village Mental Wellbeing Worker focusing but not solely on children, young people and families with increased personal role support and a partnership with a counselling provider when required for those who need
  • Broader community involvement to increase support to Worker and more generally to residents. This will include organising a Mental Health First Aid course in March, regular talks on the subject at schools and in the community, regular Mindfulness sessions, helping increase awareness in the workplace and linking in with exercise.

Full information on the new job role will be available from in this website and on hicom.org.uk from Friday 19th January.

If you would like to become involved on the community side of the project please contact Chris Cox (chris.cox@hicom.org.uk)

The village Mental Wellbeing Worker will be employed by HICOM, the Histon and Impington Community Welfare Charity. HICOM is a village based charity whose principal objective is the general community wellbeing of residents of all ages in the villages of Histon and Impington. Formed in 1998, HICOM operates the village Minibus and employs the village Older Peoples Coordinator and assistant and is now working towards increasing awareness and understanding of mental wellbeing in the community.